Heirloom Photographs

I asked some of my past wedding clients to sit down and try to choose their favourite photograph.  

That one photograph that, if the house was on fire, they would brave the flames to try and rescue.  

These are the images they selected, and these are the photographs that I’m most proud to have taken.

These are the wedding photographs that have become their new families first heirloom.






'I almost lost my father just over 10 years ago, it was extremely important to me to have father-daughter photos captured on our wedding day. 
For months I had planned to surprise him with our father-daughter song, 
‘Put Down the Duckie’ from Sesame Street which we used to sing to each other when I was little. 

Scott captured the exact moment my dad realized what song was playing. 
I absolutely love the happy smile on his face that was captured in a photo I can always look back on.'

                                           Lauren + Lance




“When John and I were planning our ceremony we found a reading called “All I Ever Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”. 
The minute I read it I knew that I wanted my friend Mark to read it, the only person I still keep in touch with from my kindergarten class... 
we can go for months of not talking as Mark travels the world, and the moment we reconnect 
it’s like no time has passed. We weren’t sure if he would make it to the wedding, 
and in true “Mark” fashion he flew in at the last minute. These two men mean so much to me, 
and I love that Scott was able to capture such a wonderful moment of the three of us.”

                                 Samantha + John







"One of my favourite pictures of me and my mama... Getting my makeup done the morning of my wedding, I started to feel that overwhelming mix of emotions that many brides do - nervous, excited, and so full of joy and love.

I remember reaching my hand out, and calling, "Mama?" And like so many times before in my life, she reached back and said, "I'm here." I love this picture because it captures perfectly how present, aware, and loving my mom always is."

                             Jacqueline + Shaun





'It was an absolutely perfect day, which is just what Scott captured.  
Though I was expecting at least SOME tears of happiness, my eyes were dry the day of.  It wasn’t until our photo viewing with Scott that I welled up–as a result of this picture.  

Scott so perfectly captured my dad in this photograph.  
Instantly upon seeing his image, I could see what my dad wasn’t able to put into words about how he was feeling that day.  

As the family photographer, my dad is so rarely on the other side of the lens, and I love how he is the focus here.'

                                  Vanessa + Jon









I didn’t notice Scott taking this photo, so when I saw it for the first time I gasped. 
I am so thankful for this image because I had such a strong sense of my father being with us that day and this picture captures that feeling in a very natural way.

                                 Amy + Chris






When I first look at this picture it brought tears to my eyes. 
I have always been “daddy’s little girl” and was surprised that my dad didn’t shed a tear on the day (or so I thought). 
Thanks to Scott a moment that I would have missed was captured. 
When I look back on it in 20 years it will still show the true emotion that my dad felt that day 
and that I truly was and still am “daddy’s little girl”.

                                     Melissa + Jason


"My family moved to Canada when my brother and I were young children. From day one, my grandmother was by our side. She helped raise and take care of us while our parents worked. She had always been such a huge part of my life, so it was very important to have her be a part of our big day.

 As our wedding day drew near, I knew she was not well enough make it to the church, so I had made arrangements with the nursing home for us to have photos taken with her there.

 On our wedding day, we promptly made our way to the nursing home right after the ceremony. As we walked towards her and told her that we just got married, she embraced both Mike and I, giving each of us a hug and smiled the biggest, warmest most blessed smile. She was so happy for us. Scott captured that exact moment – a moment that is forever etched in our hearts.

 Two months after our wedding & just two months shy of her 101st birthday, my grandmother passed away. We are so grateful to have those memories of her from our big day. That moment and smile – captured in time – will forever be with us, and we have Scott to thank for that."