There's a saying in the photography world 'Don't let your photographs grow up to be JPEG's!'  :)

One of the first things you notice when you view my wedding pricelist (download it here) is there's something missing from the price.... the digital files.

It's the one thing every couple really wants from their photographer right?  


Well, okay maybe right but it's for the wrong reasons.  :)

A while back I started asking some of my past clients what they had done with their DVD of digital files.  I got  a lot of ‘we meant to’s…’, ‘just got busy’s…’ and ‘cost more than we thought’s..’.  Don't get me wrong, with 4 young kids I'm the first one to understand that life gets busy but for all the blood, sweat, tears and money a couple puts into their wedding (and I put into photographing it) it seemed like a small tragedy that there was nothing physical to showcase their wedding pictures.  It saddens me to think of a bunch of DVD's containing amazing memories are just sitting in desk drawers collecting dust.

Photographer Drew Gardener has a great post entitled ‘The End of Photographic Discoveries in the Attic‘ about the temperamental nature of digital and the permanence of physical pictures.  Essentially the post boiled down to the fact that future generations won’t be able to discover old images that are stored on DVD’s, thumb-drives or hardrives.  Wedding albums and photographic prints are future proof technologies... there's no power cords or adaptors required (want to buy some 8 Tracks or BETA tapes?).  Your grandkids will be able to just pick up your wedding album and enjoy seeing the joy and emotions you experienced on your wedding day.

Every couple that commissions me to photograph their wedding will receive a beautiful custom designed wedding album instead of the full resolution digital files.   These archival quality albums are handcrafted in New York by Renaissance Albums.  Of course, I realize we live a in a digital world so you will also receive a set of low resolution digital proofs that are perfect for emailing, Facebooking (is that a word?) and even printing up to 5x7 (hint, hint!).  And if you really, really, really want the full resolution files I'm happy to offer them as an option to purchase after the wedding.

To give you a better sense of how your wedding will look in a wedding album, here are some links to recent album designs.

Kelly + Mike's SteamWhistle Wedding

Ana + Adam's Liberty Grand Wedding

Alex + Dan's Eglinton Grand Wedding

Brianna + Tania's Collingwood Wedding

Of course, when we meet to discuss your wedding I'll be happy to show you some samples in person!