One from the Portfolio...


I love this picture from Andrea + Chris' wedding at the Madsen's Greenhouse just outside of Toronto.

This picture comes to us from very late in the night... obviously.  :)   It definitely wouldn't be considered a traditional wedding picture but no one has ever accused me of being a traditional wedding photographer.

From the very first wedding I ever photographed I've always offered full day coverage... everything from getting ready in the morning to the party late into the night.  (You can check out my full wedding pricing here)


Because I think the entire wedding is important and deserves to be photographed.  Not just the stuff that happens for the 6 or 8 hours your wedding photographer is there.   Weddings are more than just cool pictures on a mountain top or in a farmers field (those are cool too though!)

I love the joy in this picture.  Everyone's obviously having a good time. But there's another reason I love this picture that isn't obvious... in addition to Andrea + Chris there are 3 of my past wedding clients in this picture.   I've photographed enough weddings with this group that I'm starting to feel like family.  :)

And the fact that they all loved their wedding pictures so much that they kept referring me is an honour I don't take lightly. 

If you're getting married and all this sounds good to you, head over to my contact page  or shoot me an email at and lets create some amazing photographs for you!

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One from the portfolio....

Renee & Ian finish their first dance in style during their wedding reception at the Fermenting Cellar in Toronto's Distillery District.

Picking up with an idea I got started with last year and then got busy... you know how it is!

Anyways, I'm going to try and continue my series of 'One from the portfolio...' where I take one of my favourite images from my main wedding portfolio and talk a little about the wedding and how I captured the image.

This week, I'm going all the way back to 2014 and Renee and Ian's amazing spring wedding at the Fermenting Cellar in Toronto's Distillery District.   This wedding, like most I shoot at the Fermenting Cellar for some reason, is one of my all time favourite weddings!  The entire wedding from start to finish was near perfect... great group of people, beautiful venue and a great party late into the night!

For this wedding photograph, Renee and Ian were just finishing up their first dance when Ian went for a dramatic dip and kiss at the end of song.   Luckily, he picked the spot where I had my off camera flashes dialled in just perfectly!

The Fermenting Cellar is one of those wedding venues I hear other photographers complain about all the time... it's too dark, there's no white ceiling to bounce their flash off of etc etc... Personally, I love it.  I'm very comfortable using off camera flash so the lack of white ceilings and the low light levels don't phase me at all.

I love the moment captured in this image as well as the pop of colour from the candles and the purple uplighting.

You can see the wedding album I designed for Renee + Ian here.

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Langdon Hall Wedding Open House

This Saturday from 10-4pm!


I hope you can join me this Saturday at Langdon Hall for their annual wedding open house!

I've been one of the preferred photographers at Langdon Hall for years now and it is hands down one of my favourite wedding venues in all of Ontario!

The open house runs from 10-4 and will allow you to see all of the different event spaces at Langdon Hall from the small, intimate Colonel Langdon room to the brand new and beautiful Firshade Room.   You'll also be able to meet all kinds of great wedding vendors (like me!) and see how they can help make your wedding day absolutely perfect!

Langdon Hall will also be providing light refreshments.... sooooo you know, AMAZING free food!  :)

And if you're considering getting married at Langdon Hall but you can't make it this Saturday fear not!  I've actually just finished a great information page all about Langdon Hall to help you get a feel for this amazing wedding venue!

Check it out here, at Langdon Hall Weddings

Best of 2017 Wedding Photography

Before we do anything else I want to give a huge thank you to all my couples in 2017... It's really an honour that you place your trust in me to capture one of the most important days in your life.  You welcome me into your homes (and hotel suites) with open arms and truly make me feel like one of the family.  I hope you love the moments I've captured for generations to come!

It was so tough going through all these wedding photographs and trying to chose my favourites.  One thing I really noticed is how different the weddings all were... everything from intimate gatherings at the amazing Langdon Hall, backyard weddings in Barrie and some amazing weddings at venues around downtown Toronto.  I also got to shoot at a bunch of different wedding venues I've never worked at before which is always great!

I'm already looking forward to a great 2018!

Langdon Hall Winter Wedding

Amanda + Rob

Amanda + Rob had a beautiful wedding at the always amazing Langdon Hall in Cambridge, Ontario.

It was a nice relaxing later start to the day in the beautiful bridal suites at Langdon Hall with Amanda and her sister having their hair and make up done.  Making things really easy on me, always a plus but not always a reality, Rob got ready in the room right beside Amanda's!

They deciding to have a first look before their wedding ceremony so they could get all their pictures done ahead of time and before it got dark... but we still went out for some great portraits after dark too!

Once we finished up with portraits of the wedding party and the families it was time for the
ceremony which was held outside in the beautiful new outdoor Summer House that was part of Langdon Hall's recent additions.  Don't worry though, everyone kept warm surrounded by space heaters and snuggled in fleece blankets.

The ceremony was officiated by the good folks at Kettle Creek Weddings who always do a great job.  It's always great working with them!

Unfortunately, Rob's mother broke her leg a week before the wedding and was unable to fly out from the west coast but I though it was a really nice touch that they set up a live stream so they could watch the ceremony and still be a part of everything.

Cocktails after the wedding ceremony were held in the new Firshade Room and then everyone headed up to the Orchard Room for the wedding reception where Amanda & Rob were introduced and a beautifully choreographed first dance.

Every wedding I see something new and this time it was the kissing game... you know the type, you have to do something to get the bride and groom to kiss instead of clinking glasses.  This time it was 'Mean Tweets' and let me say that their guests came up with some good ones that they forced Amanda + Rob to read.  :)

At this point I shouldn't have to say that the food at Langdon Hall was amazing as well as the service.

Amanda + Rob are big karaoke fans so it was inevitable that everyone was singing during their reception... I'm not going to lie, I've heard better versions of Piano Man.  :)

You can see my favourite wedding photographs from Amanda & Rob's wedding up above and their full Langdon Hall wedding slideshow below.


Family Photography

Bet you didn't know I photograph families too right?

Yeah, that's probably because I haven't done a good job of getting it out there.

I actually really enjoy photographing families, especially when they're past wedding clients of mine.  It's great to catch up and see how their families have grown!

I actually have a family photography website, you can check it out over at

And shoot me an email if you're thinking about getting some family pictures done this spring or summer!

Here's a few of my favourite pickers from recent sessions.

Ontario Country Wedding

Terri + Delroy

These days, so much of the wedding industry is focused on things... the dress, the flowers, the decor.

Terri + Delroy's wedding had all these things but it was obvious from very start that the only thing that really mattered to them priority was to be married in the company of their closest family and friends.  The other thing that was very obvious was the joy that these two bring each other.... I have very few pictures of the two of them where they're not smiling or laughing hysterically.

I joined the Terri and the girls in the early morning at Lavish Salon in Listowell as they got heir hair and makeup done.Delroy and his best man got ready at their house where we took a few portraits and Delroy regained me with information on Jamaican Pumpkins!

The ceremony at Listowel Evangelical Missionary Church had a funny moment where a case of mistaken identity led to the unity candle being lit, blown out by the minister, and then re lit.   Weddings never cease to amaze me, just when I think I've sen everything!

After that was all sorted out it was full steam ahead with a really touching service performed by Terri's family minister with some amazing musical accompaniment by Terri's nieces all the way down from Moose Factory.

It was one of those typical fall days that threatened rain but in the end we lucked out and managed to stay dry for the pictures.

I loved the fact that Terri + Delroy chose to have their wedding reception catered by their favourite Jerk chicken restaurant in Toronto.   And after a few wrong turns and a slight delay, the food arrived and man was it worth the wait.  I love Jerk chicken and this was one of the best I've ever had!  Being such a small and intimate wedding, everyone chipped in and served it buffet style!

The rest of the wedding reception was really lovely.   The microphone was opened up after dinner and so many people gave such heartfelt speeches and toasts to the newlyweds.

You can see my favourite wedding pictures at the top of this post and their full wedding slideshow below!


Madsen's Greenhouse Wedding

Andrea + Chris

Here's the blog post for Andrea + Chris' amazing wedding at the Madsen's Greenhouse in Newmarket, just outside of Toronto.

Sometimes when I photograph a wedding I form a real bond with the couple and their family and I almost feel like family by the end of the day.  Well, since this was my 4th (maybe 5th????) wedding with this same family it's safe to say this was like a family reunion for me.  It was awesome seeing so many of my past couples and their kids and soon to be kids!

I started the day at Andrea + Chris' brand new townhouse for some hair and makeup with the girls and then met up with Chris and the guys for a little ball hockey.
Once the guys let Chris score enough goals to make him happy, we all headed over to Andrea's parents house for the traditional Chinese door games. Some light bribery (including a Presto card!), modelling the latest in thongs and a little Backstreat Boys karaoke and the guys made it into the house!

Until Andrea + Chris, I had never heard of Masden's Greenhouse but I have to say it is easily one of the most unique wedding venues in Toronto I've ever seen... and I think I've seen most of them.
This place is literally a greenhouse converted into a wedding venue.  They have a beautiful indoor ceremony space and reception venue.  They also have all kinds of nooks and cranny's around the grounds which we used to good effect for their first look and portraits which was great since it decided to rain most of the day.   The traditional Chinese tea ceremony was held in a beautiful little spot with a nearby fountain... very tranquil.

One of the things you have to be comfortable with as a wedding photographer is working in front of a crowd.  And every once in a while when your'e working in front of a crowd you do something stupid like knock the alter flowers over during the ceremony.  There aren't words to express that level of embarrassment so I won't bother.  Suffice to say, for the 100th time... I'm sorry.  :)

Even a clumsy photographer couldn't ruin an amazing ceremony as Andrea + Chris were surrounded by their closest family and friends as they exchanged their wedding venues in a really beautiful setting.   We even managed to duck outside for the 10 minutes the sun made an appearance right at sunset for some more beautiful portraits.

The reception was filled with a beautiful first dance, great speeches and two of the most energetic MC's I've ever seen!   The night carried on with some epic movies on the dance floor.

Thanks you to Andrea + Chris for having me along and being a part of your wedding, it was an amazing day and so great seeing so many of my past wedding couples there!

You can see some of my favourite wedding images above and their full wedding slideshow below!


Toronto Wedding at the Jewel Event Centre

Sabrina + Zach


Sabrina + Zach's wedding at the Jewel Event Centre in Woodbridge was such an amazing day full of really memorable moments.

Zach and his two brothers started the day with my second photographer Nick at what has to be the coolest barber shop I've seen, the Cabin in Mississauga.  Strait razor shaves for everyone!

The girls spent the morning at Sabrina's salon and then headed over to her parents house where all her family had gathered the way Italian families always do at the brides house before a wedding to wish her well.

The Roman Catholic ceremony was held at St Dominic's Church in Mississauga.

Sabrina had a great aunt who's a Dominican nun who flew in from Italy for the wedding.  She even brought an official papal blessing that she read during the ceremony!

Once the ceremony was over, Sabrina + Zach spent the day riding around in an amazing 1949 Rolls Royce vintage car.  We all headed over to Adamson Estates on the waterfront for some relaxed family portraits on the lakefront.

The reception started off with one of those amazing Italian antipasto tables as Sabrina + Zach greeted their guests and then made their grand entrance with dinner and speeches to follow.

I always love seeing the little family traditions that pop up at weddings, In this case, it was a rousing karaoke version of Piano Man sung by.,. well, everyone.  :)

Once you shoot over 350 weddings you tend to think you've seen almost everything but at almost every wedding I see something new (one of the reasons I enjoy this job so much!).   Sabrina's parents were married 30 years ago and the same wedding band that played at their wedding also played at Sabrina's... Amazing.   They even called her parents out onto the dance floor and let them dance to the same song from 30 years ago.

After the cake cutting and the rest of the speeches the dance floor was opened up and Sabrina + Zach spent the rest of the night dancing the night away with 250 of their closest family and friends.

A big thanks to Nick from Artanis Collective for doing a great job second shooting this wedding.

Mackenzie from Kenzerama Productions did a beautiful job with the cinematography and was really a pleasure to work with all day.   Trust me, this isn't always the case with video crews.  :)

You should also check out their beautiful farm engagement session!