What if I want the digital files?

While I realize that 99% of the other photographers are willing to just burn a DVD and walk away I’ve decided that your wedding images are too important to spend eternity sitting in a desk drawer. So everyone gets a beautiful custom album and a set of low resolution images for sharing online.  If you really, really, really want the full resolution files they’re available to purchase.

How would you  describe your style?

I would describe myself as a wedding photojournalist with a strong sense of composition. My ultimate goal at each wedding is to provide you with a set of edited images that tell the complete story of your wedding day for future generations to enjoy.

Do  you  take  any  posed  pictures?

Absolutely.  I love family and think the family pictures are some of the most important pictures of the day.  Of course, we'll also get some cool pictures of you guys and your wedding party.

Do you  photoshop all your  images?

My style lends itself to images that have very clean colours and tones. The only time I use photoshop is for minor retouching of portraits.

Are you  available  for travel?

Absolutely!  I live in a small town but spend most of the time photographing weddings in Toronto and the rest of Ontario.  I’m also available for travel Canada wide (at an additional cost).

Is  full day coverage  really the  entire day?

Yes.  I usually start with the bride’s hair & makeup and finish at the end of the reception.

What  if  you're  sick?

 I’ve been photographing weddings for 8 years and I’ve yet to miss a wedding.  Having said that, life happens and I think it’s best to be prepared.  If I can’t be there to photograph your wedding, I have a network of other photographers who I can call to take my place.

How long until we see our wedding images?

Everything will be finished in approximately 4 weeks after your wedding.... but you never know, a few pictures from your wedding might sneak up on the blog before then.  :)

Do you photograph weddings by yourself?

I normally photograph wedding by myself (and have shot almost 200 this way!) but of course a second photographer is always an option if you want.