Ancaster Old Mill Wedding

Michelle + Nick

Michelle + Nick had a fabulous winter wedding back  at the Ancaster Old Mill back in February.

Yes it was cold.  :)

Yes, we still got great pictures.  :)

We started off at the salon owned by Michelle's childhood friend and then I headed off to hang out with the boys as they got ready.  

They had a first look out in the snow, very cool!  First looks can be such a great part of your wedding day.  They can help with an awkward schedule (or an early sunset in this case) and also take a lot of the anxiety out of seeing your spouse for the first time at the ceremony.

Speaking of ceremonies, they had a beautiful Jewish wedding ceremony in the Governer's Room of the Ancaster Old Mill.  And following some family pictures it was up to the Falls Room for a great reception!

You can check out some of my favourite pictures from this Ancaster Old Mill wedding in the gallery up top and their full wedding slideshow down below!