Kitchener Commercial Photographer

Healthaholics Headshots

Veronica is a past bride of mine who contacted me for some environmental shots to be used for Healthoholics, a Kitchener holistic health & nutrition store that she runs with her family.  The have everything from vitamins, supplements, orgainic foods and all natural products for cleaning, beauty and even maternity and baby supplies!  Of course, there's also a full clinic in the store which offers everything from nutritional planning to massage therapy. 

We actually started the shoot around the corner from my house, borrowing a beautifully remodelled kitchen of one of Veronica's classmates.   From there, we headed off to the Healthaholics store in Kitchener and then to Dutchies fresh Market for some photographs in the produce aisle... so nice of them to let us use the store!

Look for some of these pictures to be on Kitchener Transit buses in the near future!