Their Favourite Image... Pauline + Jordan


I love it when past clients participate in my Heirloom Photographs project and choose their favourite wedding image and their reason for choosing it.

This time it's Pauline & Jordan's turn!   I photographed their wedding in Toronto last year (Check out their wedding I photographed at the Liberty Grand) and the photograph they chose is from their portrait session we did at Liberty Village.

Pauline had actually chosen a park for portraits but after spending a little time there I felt it just wasn't working as a great location... so I asked Pauline if she trusted me and we headed off to Liberty Village!

In their own words, here is the wedding photograph they chose as their Heirloom Wedding Photograph.

 "Humour is what brought Jordan and I together when we first met.  Throughout all the preparation leading up to the wedding, we told ourselves not to take everything so seriously on the day of because if anything were to go wrong, it would be beyond our control.  During our portrait shots after the ceremony, Jordan and I were true to form and giggled ourselves through it."

                                                                               Pauline + Jordan