Their Favourite Photograph

I reached out to Harshini, one of my bride's from spring last year, to see if she would like to participate in my Heirloom Photograph project.  I had an idea that she might choose this wedding photograph and was really touched that it has come to mean so much to her.

"My family moved to Canada when my brother and I were young children. From day one, my grandmother was by our side. She helped raise and take care of us while our parents worked. She had always been such a huge part of my life, so it was very important to have her be a part of our big day.

 When Mike and I got engaged, we visited her at the nursing home to share our news. She was so excited that we were getting married, but worried that she had “nothing to wear”. I always told her, “as long as you have your teeth in, it doesn’t matter what you wear.”

 As our wedding day drew near, I knew she was not well enough make it to the church, so I had made arrangements with the nursing home for us to have photos taken with her there.

 On our wedding day, we promptly made our way to the nursing home right after the ceremony. As we walked towards her and told her that we just got married, she embraced both Mike and I, giving each of us a hug and smiled the biggest, warmest most blessed smile. She was so happy for us. Scott captured that exact moment – a moment that is forever etched in our hearts.

 Two months after our wedding & just two months shy of her 101st birthday, my grandmother passed away. We are so grateful to have those memories of her from our big day. That moment and smile – captured in time – will forever be with us, and we have Scott to thank for that."