Heirloom Wedding Image

Laura + Chris' Wedding at Paletta Mansion

Here's another submission in my ongoing Heirloom Wedding Photograph series.  I always love opening these emails because I'm usually surprised by the images they've chosen.

I was especially surprised with Laura & Chris' submission... I don't think I had any inkling of the backstory when I took this photograph.  I just remember her aunt giving a really emotional and heartfelt speech and their reaction to it.  Now that I know the backstory, the images in that sequence have a lot more impact and become much more powerful.

Here are Laura's own words about her Heirloom Wedding photograph:

"This photo was captured during a speech given by my aunt Carla.  My aunt had offered to say a few words on our wedding day, and I was very honoured by this request.  My aunt has suffered for several years with mental illness, but as she spoke in front of everyone on our special day she was so composed and spoke with such passion that you completely forgot about the illness which has controlled so much of her life.  Her words came from such a warm place in her heart, and she had such beautiful things to say about Chris and I that I was so moved and felt so loved.  Scott captured this wonderful moment as Chris and I were hanging on every word she said.  This is definitely one of my favourite photos of the day."


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