client testimonials

Samantha + John

Wedding Client Testimonials


“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 

We are so pleased with the photos. You did an amazing job, and captured some very special moments throughout the day of not only us, but our guests!

Other than with my family I’ve only shared the video with a few people so far, but already you’ve gained more fans out of our friends.

You have a very special way of photographs so warm and welcoming. So much wedding photography these days seems cold and distant; but I know, whether people were at our wedding or not, everyone who sees these pictures will be able to feel the love, joy, and laughter that filled our day.  prepare for the sap……..I can’t fully express my gratitude, but know that you have given us a gift that we will treasure always.”


Lisa + Greg

Wedding Client Testimonials


“…And honestly, its us that need to thank you. You were incredible to work with (and I hear you saved the day with the guys and their tuxes/boutonnieres), you made an already (thankfully) stress free day more enjoyable with your presence. I often hear feedback from other couples stating that they felt as if they were being pulled left right and center from their photographer and never got to enjoy the day. However, you really go unseen – my mom even said she barely saw you all day! And you were really more like having a good friend hang around with us. “

Marg + John

Wedding Client Testimonials


"Dear Scott,

Thank you so much for capturing many special moments on our wedding day. Anyone can take a good picture, but your photography is art. Each picture takes us back in time and truly captures the emotion and essence of our day. You have a special gift and talent! Thank you for sharing it with us.”


Fiona + James

Wedding Client Testimonial


“We’re glad that we were able to meet you in person to view the photos because it’s hard to express the amazing feelings that we felt seeing the photos for the first time. As we have poured over them with each other and family and friends, we have relived every moment over again.

The photos do such an unbelievable job at telling the story of the day that we rarely have to narrate to explain how we felt – it is easy to gather from the looks on our faces and angles that you captured. Part of me was anxious about not having a videographer that day, but your photos have so much life and movement that they view like a movie. Each photo is a treasure to us.

One of my personal favourites is the one you captured of my dad peeking into the sanctuary before I was about to walk in. The smile on his face is one I’ll want to remember forever and I now can. Thank you!”