collingwood wedding

Breanna + Tania's Wedding Album

Custom Heirloom Wedding Albums

Just finished up the design of Breana + Tania's wedding album from there fall wedding up in Collingwood, Ontario at the Tremont Cafe

You can see more of their wedding pictures here!

Every one of my couples now gets's a custom designed wedding album as part of the standard wedding commission.  I want everyone to have something physical... something permanent.  I don't think our memories should be trusted to a bunch of one's and zero's on a DVD somewhere in desk drawer.  Photographs are meant to picked up, held and passed around... what better way to do this than a bespoke wedding album.  

Don't let your pictures grow up to be JPG's.  :)

I order all my wedding albums from Renaissance Albums, in my opinion the best album company in the world.