Toronto Wedding Photographer

New business cards!


It seemed like such a great idea at the time, ditch the old Capturing the Light branding and switch over to Scott Williams Photographer... make my business more about me and the work I do with my clients.   Much as I liked the old name 8 years ago when I was just getting into wedding photography it doesn't really reflect my business anymore ( plus, I hate it. :) )

As I got started it slowly dawned on me how much work it was going to be... new portfolio website, new logos, new email addresses, new sample wedding albums, new price lists, new everything.  And never mind all the stuff I have lying around with the old branding on it... anyone want to start a Toronto wedding photography business called 'Capturing the Light'?  :)

Now that all the online stuff is pretty much set up, the physical/tangible items are finally getting a new look.  First up... new business cards!

These are the new Luxe line from and I'm really happy with them.  They're essentially 3 cards sandwiched together with the middle one being an accent colour.... which for me meant a black, white or a shade of grey.  :)

They feel really nice in the hand, definitely high end which is what you want but without having to sell one of my kids organs to pay for them.  Even the packaging is really nice!

As a side note, the pictures were a great chance to try out the 60 mm macro lens on the Fuji X Pro 1 that Fujiflm Canada has lent me to try out!   More to come on the Fuji camera in a later post!