Waterstone Estate Wedding

Chelsea + Danny

Chelsea + Danny had an amazing wedding a few weeks ago and I was really honoured to be a part of it.

The day began nice and early with the girls getting ready at Chelsea's parents house in North York.   Since day one I've always offered full day coverage and some of my days can get a little long but I honestly don't mind.   I want to photograph the entire day, everything from the getting ready in the morning to the late night party (more on that to come later!).

The boys were just around the corner getting ready and then joined us at the house for the traditional Chinese door games!   The bridesmaids weren't too hard on the guys... a couple songs, a dance routine and some light seaweed kissing.   The bribe to get in the door consisted of a used watch, a PC Optimum points card and some car keys.  Okay, and some cash.  :)

After a really nice tea ceremony it was time for Chelsea to get into her white wedding dress (one of three outfits that day!) and head off to the church for a really nice Roman Catholic ceremony.    The priest was great and funny, I actually found myself laughing a few times during the ceremony.  After a few big group photos at the church the wedding party piled into the limo for the drive up to Waterstone Estates for wedding portraits and the reception.

To be honest, this is where the wedding went off the rails a little.  We had pretty tight timeline for pictures but this went completely out the window when the limo driver somehow got lost and was 45 minutes late.   Dude, you had one job.  :)

Anyways, I pride myself on being able to adapt and turn lemons into lemonade.   Sometimes I think I actually create better under pressure.   We managed to get a bunch of great shots with Chelsea + Danny and their wedding party.  Plus, I worked with the venue manager to tweak the schedule for dinner so we could get 10 minutes at sunset!   At this point, I'd gladly trade 10 minutes of nice golden hour light instead of an hour at high noon.

The DJ did a great job of keeping the party going strong all night... There might have even been a conga line at one point.

A final huge thank you again to Chelsea + Danny for trusting me to capture their day.

Check out some of my favourite wedding pictures above and their full wedding slideshow below!

You can also check out their engagement pictures here.