wedding album

Liberty Grand Wedding

Ana + Adam's Wedding Album


Finished the album design of Ana + Adam's amazing wedding at the Liberty Grand in Toronto from last summer.  The Liberty Grand is an amazing wedding venue down in the waterfront of Toronto.  Although they have several rooms, I've never once ran into another wedding party... they do an amazing job with making the bride & groom feel like they are the only ones getting married that day!

A huge thanks to my good friend Sam Wong of Visual Cravings for second shooting this wedding with me and getting some killer shots!


Steamwhistle Brewery Wedding Album

Kelly + Mike


I loved Kelly + Mike's wedding at the Steam Whistle Brewery in Toronto so much that I decided to feature their wedding as one of my sample wedding albums I show to new clients.

The album is going to be an Essex book from Renaissance Albums, IMHO the best wedding album company on the planet!

This past year I made the switch from including the full resolution digital files to instead including a custom designed bespoke wedding album.  This digital stuff is great but I really worry that 50 years from now our grandkids will have no pictures to look at.   Wedding albums and prints are future proof... no DVD or thumb drive required!

There's still something special about being able to physically hold a picture (or album!) in your hand, there's a deeper connection to the images than just pixels flashing on a screen.