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Best of 2017 Wedding Photography

Before we do anything else I want to give a huge thank you to all my couples in 2017... It's really an honour that you place your trust in me to capture one of the most important days in your life.  You welcome me into your homes (and hotel suites) with open arms and truly make me feel like one of the family.  I hope you love the moments I've captured for generations to come!

It was so tough going through all these wedding photographs and trying to chose my favourites.  One thing I really noticed is how different the weddings all were... everything from intimate gatherings at the amazing Langdon Hall, backyard weddings in Barrie and some amazing weddings at venues around downtown Toronto.  I also got to shoot at a bunch of different wedding venues I've never worked at before which is always great!

I'm already looking forward to a great 2018!

Toronto Wedding Photographer Year in Review

2016 was a great year for me. Amazing clients, fantastic moments and some stunning weddings.

I had the pleasure to photograph weddings at some of Toronto and Ontario's best wedding venues including Malaparte, Fermenting CellarLangdon Hall, Liberty Grand, Sunnybrook Estates, SteamWhistle Brewery, Paletta Lakefront Mansion, Art Gallery of Ontario, Ancaster Mill and Graydon Hall

I had a really hard time picking these pictures, and I'm sure I forgot about a few, but I hope you like them and here's hoping 2017 is just as good!

Steam Whistle Toronto Wedding

Savannah + Bernie

A bit of the backstory how I know these guys. Bernie was a friend of friend who happened to be the bouncer at a local bar we all used to hang out at back in the day and especially for birthdays (21 shots on your 21st!). On my birthdays, it would be Bernie's job to 'escort' me out for some 'fresh air' when I looked too 'tired' He was always very gentle.  :)

Both the guys and girls spent the morning hanging out at the Radisson Admiral down on Toronto's waterfront.  Once everyone was ready, we headed out for a first look on the pier and some wedding day portraits. 

And even after 300+ weddings, there are always firsts.   This first was riding around in a fire truck limo... Bernie was living out the dreams of his 5 year old self.  :)

SteamWhistle is one of my favourite Toronto wedding venues, it's an amazing mixture of old and new school.

We really lucked out with some amazing light at Steamwhistle for the rest of the portraits and then the beautiful outdoor ceremony. 

One of the most touching parts of the entire day was that Savannah's grandmother is a minister from out west and she officiated the ceremony with a little help from a local officiant (that whole 'by the power vested in me by the province of Ontario' bit...)

The ceremony also featured a ring warming ceremony where the two wedding bands are passed around to each guest to hold and 'warm them up'.

Cocktail hour was spent in the SteamWhistle bar and featured some amazing appetizers by the Food Dudes.

The reception features amazing food stations (TACOS!) and some great speeches by their friends and family and then it was time to hit the dance floor!

Bernie has caught 42 garters as a guest at weddings so it was time for him to hang up his belt.

You can see some of my favourite pictures above as well as their full wedding slideshow below.

You can also check out their Liberty Village engagement pictures here!







Steamwhistle Wedding Photography

Kelly + Mike


With the switch over to the new website and blog I thought I'd use some of my downtime this winter (although I seem pretty busy this year!) to reblog some of my favourite weddings from the past couple years... So here is Kelly + Mike's amazing wedding at the SteamWhistle Brewery in downtown Toronto.

The wedding was super relaxed from everyone chipping in making centrepieces; the mom's making all the cookies for the midnight table, the boys playing video games in the hotel suite and then walking over to Steam Whistle... Funny story, ComiCon was going on that day so the guys in their tuxes were mistaken for being dressed up as Men in Black during the walk over!  All in all, a really relaxed vibe throughout the day.  

Kelly and Mike wanted very few posed pictures (I actually had to talk them into doing a few more!) so it allowed me to focus on what I love... capturing great moments!  One of the best was when Mike played guitar while Kelly danced with her dad.

Check out the gallery of pics above as well as their full wedding slideshow below!


Steamwhistle Brewery Wedding Album

Kelly + Mike


I loved Kelly + Mike's wedding at the Steam Whistle Brewery in Toronto so much that I decided to feature their wedding as one of my sample wedding albums I show to new clients.

The album is going to be an Essex book from Renaissance Albums, IMHO the best wedding album company on the planet!

This past year I made the switch from including the full resolution digital files to instead including a custom designed bespoke wedding album.  This digital stuff is great but I really worry that 50 years from now our grandkids will have no pictures to look at.   Wedding albums and prints are future proof... no DVD or thumb drive required!

There's still something special about being able to physically hold a picture (or album!) in your hand, there's a deeper connection to the images than just pixels flashing on a screen.